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"I have done
what you said...
I have to tell you,
it worked!"

Welcome to my web site. I have designed it to help you. You can use it to: My goal is to improve people's performance, relationships and wellbeing at work by making learning easy, enjoyable and effective.

I focus on a small range of key interrelated topics, getting to the heart of the matter to make even complex subjects easily accessible.

In my courses, books and trainers' resources you will find no complex theories, no pretentious models and no padding - just practical, usable information.


"I use the skills I picked up on your course almost every day. I have found them very helpful and have been able to resolve some tricky one-to-one situations."

"I really enjoyed your course and wish I had been able to attend when I was starting my career. I can't help but wonder where I might be today if I'd been practising these skills for the last fifteen years. I'm certain life would have been smoother."

Terry Gillen
Terry Gillen
An experienced
training professional and sought-after consultant.
  • Courses in vital management and communication skills
  • Quality Assured CIPD Trainer.
  • Courses supported by research
  • Books and Trainers' Resources published around the world.
  • Articles published in national newspapers and journals.
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