‘Terry’s work always feels like common sense – just not the common sense I started with.’

Of all the positive feedback my work has received, this comment resonates with me the most. It suggests an unexpected, but natural, change in perspective, easy understanding and willingness to put ideas into practice. That is exactly what I want to achieve as I convert my courses into practical, ‘how to’ books.

Thirty years’ experience running courses for major organisations has shown me what the biggest ‘people’ and ‘performance’ problems are. It has also taught me that most of us have very busy lives and, if the solutions I offer are to be useful, they have to feel natural, easy and attractive.

In all my books, therefore, my ‘guiding star’ is to help you find practical answers to pressing problems, to gain bigger benefits than you expected and to make the process of personal development easier than you thought possible.

In the following pages, you can learn more about my books, find out more about me and, with my compliments, benefit from a range of free resources.