‘I have learned more of practical value in the last hour than I did in a whole week at management college.’

Over the years, I have run a lot of courses, spoken at a lot of conferences and been a ‘guest speaker’ at a lot of events. Whether the subject is:

  • Building Confidence (for anyone);
  • Communication skills (especially assertiveness and positive influencing);
  • Appraisal skills (tailored to Appraisers, to Appraisees or to HR);
  • Leadership skills (for anyone from Team Leaders to Chief Executives);

I endeavour to address vital issues, to provide practical ideas and to make the experience both enjoyable and worthwhile for the audience as the following feedback testifies:

‘Kick started a development process for me.’

‘The techniques are a revelation; their power is immense. I am using every opportunity to put them into practice.’